Expert in global design, Christian Signorel finds his interest in all volumes, shapes and objects and he provides them a special touch and identity. He is especially famous in interior design and he sets up Parisian apartments, atypical houses, restaurants and tea rooms.

He now presents the CS19 collection, which includes rugs, mirrors, lamps, table monoliths, ingenious totems, cabinet, fireside chairs and a coffee table.

Inspired by the 70s and their pop vitality, which he reinterprets, his sets are unique by their strength and freedom, the lines, curves and geometric structures featured in each of his new creations.

He dramatically renders raw materials and pure colors, emphasizing the contrasts and playing with the surprise effect between lacquer and matt, between combed wool and smoked mirror, between white travertine and brushed brass.

Focus on several emblematic design objects:

  • The Minotor rugs: circular, oblong or cross-shaped, each rug is a real abstract painting enhanced with pure pigments. The figures and colors overlap with density and a unique feel.
  • The Mircur mirrors: either tinted with bronze, rose or hematite, they are engraved with fine lines picturing the curves of an infinite labyrinth.