There are many ways to start a story.
But beautiful stories often start with wonderful meetings…

Sylvain & Plume… in the B3 world: Before the Big Bang.

Five y. o. boy Sylvain discovers a fantastic suitcase that has fallen from the sky, dropped by a flying saucer. Apparently normal, this suitcase opens on the world Before the Big Bang. Sylvain soon meets with Plume, a pretty little girl…

The work and creations of “SYLVAIN & PLUME” brand tells the two youngsters’ journey across this fantasy world, where imagination is very thinly separated from reality…

“When arriving in the meadow of Millefleurs, Sylvain and Plume enter a world of colors, sensations and freedom.

This collection describes, with carpets and lanterns, the two children crossing of the vast meadow of Millefleurs …»

Materials et colors

Lights et colors

Lanternes – Petit modèle
H.27cm (hors poignée)

Lanternes – Grand modèle
H.47cm (hors poignée)